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*Source: AC Nielsen, 52wks Nat'l GDM, Natural Health Supplements as of December 31, 2023

**Best New Product 2022 award recognition is on Wild Berry and Juicy Strawberry Peach flavours.

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for the restless sleeper

for the soon-to-be zen master

for the energy seeker

for the beauty guru



Miraculous results!
My hair and nails are much healthier;
my skin is softer. I love this!!! 
— Sue


I will never go without!
My hair is thicker/longer and my nails grow like a weed.


I swear by it.
I have been using this product for over a month now and wow, what a difference.


Best collagen powder on the market!
My skin has had far less break outs,
and I no longer lose an excessive amount of hair.
— Julia R


I love this collagen.
I use this daily and have seen a real improvement in my skin elasticity.
— Nicole B


Great quality
Husband has been taking this for roughly 3 months and he swears the pains he usually suffers on his knees are gone!
— Frances A


Top quality!
This is by far the best quality of collagen I’ve used! Within a few weeks, I noticed an improvement in my digestion and my skin.
— Giuliana


I used the Enhanced Collagen for the first time this past 40 days and I must say, WHAT A GAME CHANGER! The collagen has totally stopped by acne.
— Tori P


Improved hair, skin and nails!


I love this collagen.
I use this daily and have seen a real improvement in my skin elasticity.
–Nicole B


Another Testimonial


Miraculous results!
My hair and nails are much healthier;
my skin is softer. I love this!!!


I will never go without!
My hair is thicker/longer and my nails grow like a weed.


Best collagen powder on the market!
My skin has had far less break outs,
and I no longer lose an excessive amount of hair.
— Julia R


Top quality!
This is by far the best quality of collagen I’ve used! Within a few weeks, I noticed an improvement in my digestion and my skin.
— Giuliana


any two collagen products

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Refresh, Hydrate, and Energize with Electrolytes + Enhanced Collagen™

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Electrolytes + Enhanced Collagen is your go-to blend for an instant dose of thirst-quenching nutrients and 5g of grass-fed collagen. Simply add this effervescent powder to water for a light tasting electrolyte-replenishing drink, with 0 g of sugar.


Who is Electrolytes + Enhanced Collagen for?


Get your sweat on with an intense cardio session, sports game, hike or bike-ride! With E+EC you will be able to replenish nutrients like sodium and potassium lost through sweat. As you lose water, electrolytes follow too which need to be replaced. E+EC does that so you can get your sweat session on.


Be prepared for all things summer, including heat and increased need for hydration. Staying hydrated this summer means more than just water, it’s also getting in needed vitamins and minerals to keep your body balanced, and immunity boosted so you can have fun all summer long.


Trying to increase your water intake has never been easier with E+EC. Available in three thirst-quenching flavours, you can now enhance your water and make it more fun and fizzy. Replenish with nutrients that actually complement hydration, this is a win-win.

When to take it?

Hydration + Collagen any time of the day with zero sugar

First thing in the morning
to start your day refreshed + an early hydration boost

Before, during or after a workout
or any activity with excess sweating

In the afternoon
to help get you through the mid-day slump without caffeine

In the summer, or any hot day
to help you beat the heat

In the evening
to enjoy while winding down after a long day; make a mocktail, enjoy it in a warm bubble bath, sauna or hot tub.

After the after-party
rehydrate and beat your headaches
(or hangovers)


How to use

add 2 scoops (12g)

to 500ml of water and let it fizz

Drink and enjoy!

Hydration Made Better


Don't Take Our Word For It

Hear From Our Obsessed Fans!


"I love how it quenches my thirst and curbs my appetite. I wake up feeling refreshed. Noticeable results with my gut health, skin and nails! A must for my daily health!" 



"I love this product! It’s refreshing and delicious. I often enjoy it after yoga or a long walk or run. Sometimes I’ll have it first thing in the morning if I’m feeling dehydrated or tired. I find it thirst quenching, hydrating and energizing! All this and I feel it benefits my skin by keeping it soft and smooth." 

— Shirley S 


"Hey there! I did the MOMAR adventure race on Saturday, and for the almost 7 hours of paddling, trail running, and mountain biking, all I consumed (other than one gel) was your collagen enhanced electrolytes in my water and felt supercharged the whole way. Thanks for such a great supplement!" 

— Kelvin


"I don’t normally drink a lot of coffee but as a new mom I need more energy in my day. Coffee makes me jittery and I find it hard to sleep. These electrolytes are delicious and give me the energy I need in the day, plus I’m getting vitamins and collagen. Will definitely be ordering again."

— Aynsley J. 


"Such a great post workout drink, afternoon pick-me-up drink, anytime drink!! Can’t beat the taste! And I love that there is collagen in it as well!" 

— Stef


"After decades of Gatorade, I've completely converted to this. Great taste and haven't cramped even after 3 hours of continuous pickleball! Highly recommend."

— Rosie


"Delicious!! After trying a few other electrolyte brands I saw this one. I use many supplements from Organika and thought why not try the electrolytes too! I am keto so definitely need to have them daily and this stuff is AMAZING! I use 2 scoops in my water and the colour is so pretty ! Love drinking this and will definitely be re ordering." 

— Lizz

What flavour will you be sippin' on?

Juicy Strawberry Peach

Wild berry

Zesty Lemon Berry

We believe in making products that will exceed your expectations. Try any product for up to 60 days worry-free.

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Electrolytes are minerals – including magnesium, sodium, and potassium – that help conduct electricity around the body. They are essential, in proper amounts, for so many important activities including muscle contraction, pH balance, nervous system, and keeping you well hydrated.


Electrolytes are essential, meaning we need them for our survival. Our kidneys work to maintain a balance of these precious minerals, but we do lose them through urine and sweat. Water follows the movement of electrolytes, so a loss of electrolytes can lead to dehydration. Overconsumption of diuretic drinks such as coffee, alcohol and caffeinated teas will reduce  electrolyte levels in the body.


Everyone needs electrolytes, they are the nutrients your body needs at all times. Electrolytes interact with each other and the cells in the tissues, nerves, and muscles. There are times where your needs to supplement may increase.


Sodium and chloride are the most abundant electrolytes, this is why sweat is “salty.” Potassium and magnesium are lost as well.


There are times where the need to take electrolytes rises. If you're working out for upwards of 75 minutes or more, if it is hot outside, or if have been sick (diarrhea or vomiting), then replenishing with electrolytes is a good idea. It may also be helpful if you have been consuming dehydrating beverages such as caffeine or alcohol.

Some symptoms of electrolyte imbalance include cramping, dizziness, irritability, irregular heartbeat, mental haze or confusion.


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Trying to cut down on sugary sodas, but love the fizz and taste? E+EC provides flavour with a punch. Enjoy effervescent bubbles of juicy strawberry peach, wild berry, or zesty lemon berry flavours  with 0 g sugar! With added benefits of collagen, this soda replacement option helps your bones and joints as well.


Because insulin levels are lower when on the keto diet (due to lack of carbohydrates), the body releases extra electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. When on a keto diet, it’s important to increase intake of electrolytes and stay hydrated. E+EC does all this with 0g of sugar (yes it’s keto-friendly).


Brave outdoor adventures, take your risks and E+EC for the ride. While pushing yourself to the limits, ensure to have collagen for bone and joint support, electrolytes to support hydration and muscle contraction, and maximize your strength while quenching your thirst. 


Maximize your muscle recovery and repair while replenishing those precious electrolytes. E+EC contains essential nutrients as well as collagen optimal for muscle contractions and protein synthesis – perfect for all the gains!


Keep up with your team sports, train for a marathon, or last 5 rounds with a solid supply of electrolytes. E+EC contains nutrients that play a critical role in controlling fluid balance and muscle contractions. Electrolytes are essential to athletic performance.

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